Around Frafjord

Around Frafjord

There are many interesting places and touristattractions near Frafjord.

From breathtaking views of the fjord and mountains, to a spa where you can relax and enjoy some time for yourself you can visit small and charming cafes and shops where you can taste all the different local foods and delicacies.

There are also endless possibilities to hike along magnificent mountains, and paddel in the beautiful fjord with kayak or paddle board.


Frafjord is situated on a picturesque fjord, 60 km from Stavanger. This peaceful and quiet place is renowned for its beautiful nature.

Apart from hiking, you can also enjoy fishing, swimming, sailing, and canoeing here.

There are several mountain trails for both seasoned and inexperienced hikers.


Månafossen is one of the most famous and picturesque waterfalls in Rogaland.

It is located at the edge of the valley, a 10 minutes’ drive from our apartments.

The waterfall, measuring almost 100 m, is the first stop on the way to Blåfjellenden (a 6-hour hike).

It takes about 30 minutes to reach the waterfall from the car park (parking fee of NOK 50).

The next point on the trail is a renovated mountain farm where you can rest and have a meal.

There are many BBQ facilities around the car park for those who do not want to go further than the waterfall.


Frafjordhatten is a mountain trail that is almost 15 km long. It has two starting points – the car park next to the Frafjord Camping area (parking fee of NOK 50) or the house of prayer located in front of the bridge to Molaug.

The 8-hour route takes you through the waterfalls, moors and majestic mountains.

The trail is intended for both seasoned and inexperienced mountain hikers.

We recommend that you take the trail between May and October and prepare yourself for a several-hour hike.


Gloppedalsura is one of the largest rock screes with a spectacular view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Among the majestic boulders, you will find a hidden route leading to a beautiful and secluded beach.

Gloppedalsura is located between the village of Veen and the restaurant Byrkjedalstunet on Route 503.

For more details on how to get there, contact the apartment owners.

Frafjord  Sup&Kayak Center

Frafjord  Sup&Kayak Center

At the Frafjord Sup&Kayak Center, which is located a 2 minutes’ walk from Frafjord Apartments, you can rent canoes and SUP boards and take a SUP board course conducted and supervised by an experienced coach.

To make a reservation and find out more, visit

Via Ferrata Månafossen

Via Ferrata Månafossen

Via Ferrata Månafossen in Frafjord is a company that organises, trains and rents equipment for more extreme climbing.
More information about climbing areas in Norway can be found at



Oltedal is a small village located on the road to Ålgård, about 20 minutes’ drive from Frafjord.

Oltedal is worth visiting for 2 places: Viking of Norway and Spinneriet. These shops offer not only sheep wool, but also woollen clothing and accessories, often at discount prices. They also offer all kinds of souvenirs, as well as lunch.

More information can be found on their FB pages: Viking of Norway oraz Spinneriet.

Gilja Alpin

Gilja Alpin – for winter sports enthusiasts. There is a ski slope just a few minutes away from the apartments.

Its opening depends on the amount of snow, so always check beforehand on the website whether the slope is open on a given day.

This information (and more) can be found on its website or FB page.

Sirdal – Ski Resort

Sirdal – one of the most popular ski resorts in Norway, located a 40 minutes’ drive from Frafjord.

There are several ski lifts, and it is worth spending the whole day there.

We recommend making sure that the slope is open and checking the current weather conditions before departure.

All information and news can be checked at



Preikestolen is a rock pulpit rising over 600 metres above Lysefjorden, one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway.

Distance from Frafjord – approx. 50 km.

Climbing from the parking lot takes about 2 hours and leads to the rock ledge from which overlooks the entire Lysefjord and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Access to the parking lot Preikestolen from Frafjord takes approx. 1 hour. Go first to Oltedal, and then towards Lauvik where there is a ferry carrying cars to the other side of the fjord to Oanes (the ferry timetable can be checked here).

Addition to the paid parking lot from which it starts climbing Preikestolen, takes approx. 15 min drive from Oanes.

We recommend going to Preikestolen early in the morning or in the evening to avoid crowds of tourists.



Kjerag is a famous boulder stuck between two fjord walls, hanging 1000 m above the waters of Lysefjorden near Forsund.

Distance from Frafjord – approx. 90 km (approx. 2 hour drive).

The easiest way leading to the top begins at the Øygardstølen restaurant in the center of the Lysebotn, 640 meters below. The road to the top is quite difficult and  takes about 2.5 – 3 hours (each side).

From the top there is an impressive view of the Lysefjord, and you can stand on the so-called Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged between two rocks.

We recommend climbing in the spring and summer season as well getting ready for a difficult and long expedition.



Giljastølen – viewpoint deck in the Frafjord

From the tunnel there is an old road leading to the top, which offers a great view of the Frafjord, the fjord and the surrounding area. You can get there by two ways – on foot – the old road next to the tunnel (about 1.5 hours walk) or on the other side of the tunnel in Gilje, heading for Gilje Alpin until the end of the road fenced with a barrier (where you can park your car).

Behind the barrier, about 100 m away, you can admire the entire Frafjord and its surroundings.

Being on Giljastølen it is also worth planning a trip to famous places such as Lauvnesknuten, Ramnstoknuten or Vallresknuten.




Byrkjedalstunet is a local restaurant, serving fresh traditional Norwegian food.
It is a popular tourist place where you can not only eat a delicious dinner, but also buy souvenirs or make a candle by yourself.

Byrkjedalstunet, located on 15 min. drive from the Frafjord Apartments, not only worth visiting for culinary reasons, but also for the attractions for children.

More information can be found at the website

Dirdalstraen Gardutsalg

Dirdalstraen Gardutsalg

The Dirdalstraen Gardutsalg is a shop located in the adjoining valley where time is up stopped. Both the decor and traditional Norwegian products take us to the beginning of the 19th century century.

In addition to shopping, you can also drink coffee or hot chocolate there and admire the view on Norwegian fjords.

More information at



Stavanger is a port city of beautiful beaches, the old town with its charming and well-preserved houses, street art, and… fish and oil processing.

Distance from Frafjord – approx. 70 km.

In the port, you can not only have a great meal, but also set off by boat for the onward journey on Lysefjord or to the nearby islands.

The city organizes all kinds cultural events that are open to everyone like Gladmatfestival or food festival or maijezz.

All information about upcoming festivals and other activities in Stavanger and the surrounding area can be found at:



Ørsdalen – a picturesque valley with the magma park and the remains of old mines.

Distance from Frafjord – approx. 25 km.

More info can be found on:

Frafjord Spa

Frafjord Spa

Frafjord Spa – located 300 m from Frafjord Apartments in its offer has the heated swimming pool, Finnish sauna or various massages.

More info at the website:



Kongeparken is the largest family amusement park in southern Norway, with a theme referring to bear cubs and everything associated with them.

Website of the Park:

Distance from Frafjord – approx. 35 km.